This site has been designed to help members gain access to general information about the CAP Group Pension Scheme.

The CAP Group Pension Scheme ("the Scheme") is a final salary pension scheme and closed to new members on 1 May 2006.

This website is intended as a guide to the benefits offered as part of the CAP Group Pension Scheme and is not intended to be a complete description of all specific benefits available. The Trust Deeds and Rules may change from time to time and the Rules override this website where there are discrepancies between them.

Covid-19: a note for pension scheme members, from your administrators, LCP

As the administrators of your pension scheme, we are working hard during these challenging times and doing all we can to continue operating business as usual.

Whether you’re receiving a pension or about to start to, you can expect to receive your pension benefits in the usual way, at the same time, and at the normal rate. Our main priority is making sure that pensions, retirement and bereavement benefits are paid as normal.  You may find this leaflet useful - it contains answers to commonly asked questions in relation to the administration of your benefits.

However, as a result of the strict measures announced by the Government on 23 March 2020, it is no longer possible for us to post information to pension scheme members. Where possible we will respond to requests by email and if no email address is held, we will try and contact you by telephone.

The Pensions Regulator has mentioned that scammers are sadly still out there seeking to take advantage of people at their most vulnerable. If you’ve been called out of the blue about transferring your pension, please hang up. Cold-calling in this way is illegal.  You can find more information on this at the ScamSmart website. If you are concerned please let us know or contact The Pension Advisory Service.  The Pensions Advisory Service has published general information on how the Covid-19 outbreak may affect pension benefits here, and you may also find the organisations on the Links page helpful.

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